AKALJOTI YOGA-retreat in April 2020

By Estelle Lantin

From 5th to 11th April 2020, AKALJOTI YOGA will organise a Kundalini Yoga retreat @Eco-Logic Thailand.

Estelle has visited us earlier on this year and has organised a yoga retreat for Easter, the yoga group was so pleased with the experience, that it was decided, on the spot literally, that in 2020, she would be back, and here we are again!

Very excited about hosting another Spanish-speaking retreat!

If you don´t speak Spanish, don´t worry, Estelle speaks fluently English and her native French, so language will not be a barrier!

On arrival, we know how much tired and jet lagged you might arrive, so, we have thought about you and you will be pampered on arrival, with a first relaxing day where we will invite you to a very relaxing Thai massage, the best way to unwind and settle in the land of massages!

Then, the daily program of the retreat will be a nice and fresh start with a Kundalini Yoga lesson in the morning before breakfast, a leisurely breakfast on the splendid terrace of Eco-Logic Thailand, and then, time to set off for one of our day trips (beach, hot springs, local market: each day, we will have a different visit) and have a picnic on the way.

We will close the day with a yoga o relaxation class and enjoy our candle-lit dinner at the restaurant of our resort. All the activities we have chosen for you are, completely off the beaten track, only local tourists will be there, as if you were travelling in Thailand years before it became so popular! ;)

One of the reasons, why Estelle from AKALJOTI YOGA has decided to come back to Eco-Logic Thailand is because of the Thai Child Development Foundation. The eco-resort donates all of its profit to the Foundation aiming to improve children´s special needs reality.

When participating in this yoga retreat and staying at Eco-Logic, you will make a significant contribution to the foundation and make your trip more meaningful. 

Come and join us for our next retreat, ask Estelle for the program through her website.

You will get a special discount if you come with a friend or a relative!

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