Artist in Residence at Eco-Logic

Welcome all writers, sculptures, actors, singers, musicians, photographers, painters and all other artists!

Eco-logic Resort for Charity is an inspiring place and we would like to share this with the world! We warmly welcome artists from all over the world to come and join this little riverside retreat hidden in the jungle behind Ranong,Thailand and do a residence with us!

For over 10 years we are blessed to be able to host creative & caring people from all over the world and hereby make the world a more beautiful place!

Every year from May to September we welcome Artist in Residents for a period of minimum 4 weeks, to work on their art independently in our tranquil and inspiring environment. Longer term, or other periods are considered on a one to one base, please email.

If you like to join, you must agree on the following:

  • Bring all material and tools you might need

  • No work that causes damage to the local environment (nature & culture)

  • Accommodation in the dormitory is free, you pay for your meals ahead (if you want to stay in a guestroom, we can give you a discount of 25% on the accommodation)

  • You help spread the word about the project one hour a day on social media or with sharing your skills in workshops

  • Respect local community by behaving and dressing appropriate.

  • Absolutely no drugs and drunkenness aloud nor inappropriate behavior in shared accommodation, or in the village

  • Respect all people not depending on gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political conviction, age or other personal aspects.

Other inspiring things to do during your stay

  • Daily walk in yoga sessions (all levels) - paid

  • Thai massage, foot massage, body scrub, oil massage - paid

  • Raft river trips - paid

  • Day trips to secluded beaches, medicinal hot springs, temples and local markets can be organized - paid

  • Swimming in the river in front of your accommodation - free

  • Hiking to the waterfall - free

  • Thai cooking course (also for vegetarians) - paid

  • Thai language crash course for easy onward travels - free

  • Permaculture & clay house building workshops (please check schedule) - paid

  • Volunteering opportunities (music, yoga, recycle art, dance, sport & games) - free


Daily buffet style group meals are included in the arrangementprice

Our FarmFresh mountain view slow food restaurant also serves Thai & western food, shakes, blends, cocktails & mocktails - additional orders from the restaurant can be paid weekly.

A great selection for vegan, vegetarian, raw food lovers

We try to serve mainly from our own organic farm (fish, eggs, veggies) and from our edible forest.

Free filter water from our spring, free herbal tea

Local, handpicked, hand roasted, organic coffee served - paid