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Giving back: share a skill!

by Rosalie Tieges

Eco-logic is a family-friendly nature retreat that operates with a difference: All profits goes towards the development of local children with disabilities (

There is lots to do every day from wooden boat snorkeling trips around pristine islands between Thailand and Birma, to swimming in the waterfalls and local hot springs, go to national parks, visit temples, learn Thai cooking, join daily yoga classes and of course: go on the famous bamboo rafting trip, it is what this small mountain village is famous for.

Since its start in 2004, Eco-Logic has been welcoming guests from all over the world. Year after year we have been making a difference to the lives of hundreds children and families in need for over a decade. To enable us to continue growing our community support, we are looking to upgrade and expand our operations in 2018.

Where do we want to be?

At our stage of development, we feel we are ready to make the switch to creating self-generating income as a full replacement of donations for the charity and forest school. This is the future towards self-sustainability and making sure the foundation can continue as long as there are children with disabilities who need help! Self sustainability on a local level not only in food, but also in finance!

Getting there with your support

If - as a world citizen and nature lover - you want to make a difference, provided you are just given the opportunity to do so in a sustainable and meaningful way, search no further!

This can be your new project one chosen with social awareness, where you help others in need.

We are looking for professionals who want to donate their time and skills on:

  1. Adviser tourism & target groups (4 x a year one hour skype coaching session)

  2. Financial advising ( 2 times a year one hour coaching session . And end of year administration check)

  3. Marketing & Social media, advise & hands on support ( 1 hour a month skype meeting, check and improved all scheduled posts)

  4. Advisor sponsorships & Joint ventures (4 x a year one hour skype coaching session)

What’s next?

Do contact me directly! This project has my entire focus and I would love to hear from you and discus any possible opportunity to bring it to fruition. I am ofcourse also available for questions, suggestions and informal discussions on the project.

Thank you!

Rosalie Tieges (

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