Celebrate your successes in 2020!

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

by Rosalie Tieges - Founder TCDF

At the start of 2020 I would like to wish you a wonderful new year! A year of good health and happiness and a year of personal development with new goals, hopes and wishes.

I hope you can look back at last years plans and wishes and that you feel thankful for what you have, blessed by what you received and that you can say you have achieved some of your goals- or even all!

Looking back at the plans, wishes and reports at the beginning of last year for my foundation- the Thai Child Development Foundation- I mostly feel gratitude.

Also I can safely state that we have certainly worked hard and achieved a lot.

However some things that were a one sentence bullet point on a white board above my desk looked like a piece of cake in January but the process turned out to be the size of a bakery during the rest of the year. More on that bakery later…..( did you know that stressed is desserts spelled backwards?)

But making lists is good, because we not only plan in the important things but also actually see what kept us so busy, what really kept us so busy (not on the list?), what did we did get done and what we have actually achieved! Often while working hard on tasks and looking at those lists we think “ if only I would be done I will be sooo happy!” However once it's done we often forget to take a moment and actually feel that happyness we were working towards.... I for one am at that point already looking at the hundred things that I want to do next. And with me there are probably many more and I have the feeling that the high numbers of burn outs among my pears might have something to do with this virtuous trait.

So my resolution is to -like always- set clear focus points and make action list but with more awareness:

  • Focus on the big picture

  • Systematize the work by with my team

  • Invest in training more long term "hands on helpers"

  • Divide the goals into week, month and -very important at TCDF- the seasonal goals

  • And..... schedule in the moments to celebrate our successes and express our gratitude!

And at our end of year party we made a great start with that and absolutely celebrated our kid's successes!
End of the year party at TCDF. Rose and Nong Caffeh
End of the year party at TCDF. Rose and Nong Caffeh

We celebrated our impact on the lives of children in need! We celebrated these individual successes we often do not communicate because there is so much more to accomplish concerning the development of underprivileged children. And there are so many children in the world who live under even harder circumstances and have no one to even help them. But we must be grateful for the few we CAN help and for these few children we did change lives and we should celebrate it!

  • Children learned how to walk without support!

  • Special need children were able to go back into the education system at our special school!

  • Children were successfully placed back into public school (partly) again!

  • Children were operated by specialists in Bangkok and now receive physiotherapy at TCDF

  • and children went back to school in their new school uniforms- eating at least one healthy school lunch a day- and are able to join with friends outside the home again!

Most of the 216 children supported by TCDF last year where there to celebrate and … to receive their once a year “birthday” gifts! It was a wonderful celebration!

Our special needs students performing music and dance! The woman elderly club performing a Traditional Thai dance! Local people came to show their support with cooking, donating food and snacks! Children from the cities came to pass on the toys and clothes they had grown out of!

And…. we celebrated (and showed off proudly ) all the wonderful things that have been achieved in the last year thanks to our sponsors at Mount Never-Rest (our TCDF forest school location and Ecologic Thailand resort for charity / 1 million star nature retreat)

  • Almost 5.000 fruit trees and plants were planted in our new food forest and the farm is growing!

  • We have new dormitory rooms to host interns, volunteers and students groups!