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Meet Nong Caffeh, one of the kids you support with your stay @ Eco-Logic Thailand

Updated: May 30, 2018

This is Nong Caffeh, one of the Special Students of TCDF’s Special School in Paksong Thailand. Thanks to your stay at Eco-Logic, Nong Caffeh and her friends will be able to go to school!

The Special School of TCDF offers education, therapies and occupational training to 25 children in the area of Paksong. Children with disabilities varying from physical (deaf, CP, epileptic) to mental (low IQ, braindamage,Down Syndrome, autism) and combination of that.

The school offers them a safe place, a place to meet friends, a place to have fun, a place to learn and a place to learn a profession to assure a independant future where possible.

Let us introduce Nong Caffee to you!

“Sawasdee kah! My name is Nong Caffeh and I live with my parents and grandparents in Bahn Thortaang. I was born on Janurary 23rd, 2007. My parents work as laborers on the plantations in this area. Since 2010 I am a student at the Special School of the Thai Child Development Foundation. BECAUSE I AM A SPECIAL KID!”

About Nong Caffeh and the Special School of the Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF).

Nong Caffeh is a girl with Down Syndrome. She is deaf and has a heart condition. She is a student of the Special School since 2010.

The Special School is Nong Caffe’s first school.

The activities and educational program of the Special School are aimed on empowering and improving self sufficiency for the students, to offer them a better perspective for the future. By working closely together with parents, caregivers of the students, teachers in local schools, medical care staff of the clinics and hospitals in the area and our professional staff, TCDF is working towards a beter health and educational system for children like Nong Caffeh.

Each students of the Special School is trained and stimulated on :

· Educational development: reading and writing

· Emotial development: work and learn in a team, role plays, care for others, care for animals, personal guidance, involvement of family members, socially correct behavior and so on.

· Physical development: physiotherapy, swimming, horseback riding, team sport, games and so on.

· Daily skills: independence concerning daily activities; personal care, independent living, orientation and finding your way outside the home environment, biking, making telephone calls and so on.

· Occupational training: a training aimed on a future job. On the farm of TCDF, in Eco-Logic’s restaurant, calculating, administration, handling money, making budgets, saving and so on.

The education and care of the students in the Special School is specifically aimed on each individual child, they all have a personal lesson plan.

This means for Nong Caffeh that a lot of attention is on:

· Independent working

· Motor skills

· Daily life skilss: use bathroom, brushing teeth

· Emotional development: Nong Caffee is often scared

· Communication: learning and using sign language

· Art: together with the other students Nong Caffeh makes beautiful postcards during the art lessons.

· Work in the vegetable gardens of TCDF: planting, weeding, harvesting and selling produce to the Eco-Logic restaurant.

· Recycling: collecting, separating of products and recyclable garbage. Re-using and salses of thes products are stimulated by TCDF. The money gained by selling the garbage is partly used for the Special School program.

Nong Caffeh is a sweet, curious girl, who loves to learn and explore new things.

She has a number of friends in the school, usually the older kids. She loves riding horse (a little bit) , playing with water and soap, coloring and drawing

But the thing she likes best is welcoming the visitors to TCDF’s Special School. She welcomes each and every visitor personally.

Nong Caffeh has a full scholarship with TCDF.

With a stay at Eco-Logic you support Nong Caffeh directly! Kids like Nong Caffeh really need this support and the care for her and her friends never stops.

We do hope to welcome you in the near future, you can stay with Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity and visit the Special School on the same premises. And when you come: Nong Caffeh will personally welcome you in the school.

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