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Meet Nong Priam, student of TCDF's Special School

Nong Priam
"Sawasdee krab! I am Nong Priam and I live with my father, mother, 2 sisters and my brother in Pangwan village. I was born on March 7, 2000. My parents have a small supermarket, but I can not help there, because I give everything away to my friends. I have been going to the Special School of TCDF since 2011! I am getting a job training there and I have my own fish farm and recycle place back home."

Nong Priam is a happy, naughty boy with Down Syndrome.

He is a student of the Special School of the Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) since 2011. Before Nong Priam came to the TCDF Special School as a student, he never went to another school.

The activities and the curriculum of the Special School are aimed at increasing the independence of the students and offering them better future opportunities. Through intensive cooperation with the families, caretakers of the students, teachers in the schools, medical workers and our professional staff, TCDF strives for a better health and education system for children like Nong Priam.

Every student of the special school is trained and encouraged in the area of:

  • Educational development: reading and writing

  • Emotional development: working and learning in a team, role-playing, care for others, care of animals, personal guidance, involvement of family members, socially correct behavior, etc.

  • Physical development: physiotherapy, swimming, horse riding, team sports, games etc.

  • Daily skills: independence with regard to daily activities: personal care, reading, writing, computer use, independent living, orientation and knowing the way outside the home, cycling, making phone calls, etc.

  • Professional training: future professional training on our care farm, in the restaurant of TCDF, counting, dealing with money and budget, saving etc.

The training and care for the students in the Special School is specific for each child. Every student has a personal lesson plan.

For Nong Priam means that a lot of attention is paid to:

  • Socially correct behavior. Learning to deal with other pupils and teachers, greetings, being polite.

  • Read and write. Because Priam never went to another school, he never learned to read and write.

  • To concentrate. Priam is quickly distracted.

  • Motor skills

  • Speaking and pronunciation. Priam can not speak and articulate well.

  • Communication: sign language to help him with communication at school and at home.

  • His diet and eating habits

  • Caring for others: Nong Priam helps the teachers during breaks and lunch. He is very caring for one of the younger students

  • Art: together with his fellow students, Nong Priam makes beautiful cards during the creative lessons that are sold in the Art Eco store of TCDF. A part of the proceeds comes in its own bank account.

  • Working in the vegetable gardens of TCDF: planting, weeding, harvesting and selling the products to our restaurant.

  • Working at the fish farm: feeding and caring for the fish and emptying out the ponds for sales.

  • Working on recycling: collecting and separating products and waste. Re-use and sale of these products is stimulated by the foundation. The proceeds from the sale are partly intended for the Special School.

Nong Priam is a funny, sweet and very naughty young man.

He learns very slowly and laboriously. He is very involved and social with the other students and teachers.

He likes working in the garden, just like working in the recycling project. He likes to color and likes music.

Nong Priam has a full exhibition at TCDF

Thanks to all guests guests of Eco-Logic Thailand: you support the children of the Thai Child Development Foundation directly!

Just by staying with Eco-Logic in Paksong. Holiday for Charity is a wonderful concept, and children like Nong Priam need it!

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