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Phenomenal females: Khanyada

July 2019 | by TCDF

At TCDF and Ecologic we put extra emphasis at empowering girls and woman. We are very proud to introduce you to some of them in our blogs!

Lets kick this thing of with the first blog about the most important local TCDF team member: Khanyada Lapma (nick name: . Gun).

Khanyada Lapma, manager TCDF and Eco-Logic
Khanyada Lapma, manager TCDF and Eco-Logic

At Eco-Logic we believe that the work can only be done well by working with local people. We have a fantastic team of dedicated Thai people, who we have trained step by step to work within our values and commitment.

The head of the Thai team is Ms Kanjada Lapma (Gun), she has been working with Eco-Logic (and TCDF!) full time since 2006. Gun lives on the Eco-Logic property full time with her son.

She started as a nanny 15 years ago and is now the head of the entire Thai Child Development Foundation!

Next to that she is a single mom balancing time for her family, her work family, TCDF kids and her personal development as a life long learner!

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