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Sustainability, circular economy & permaculture

Since the start of TCDF-Ecologic in 2004 we have been proud front runners on sustainability in Thailand.

Where we used to be the only odd ones teaching schools and students how to set up

and run a recycle bank, now we are thrilled to see that the big players in Thailand, Holland

and the rest of the world are taking their responsibilities too!

With change in mindset and direction among the big corporations is where the big results can be booked!

We were very happy to be welcome at the Dutch-Thai sustainability conference in Bangkok

organized by the Dutch embassy and we are looking forward to see some amazing initiatives and joint ventures grow! Our small grass-root organisation cannot change the world but we can all make a difference within our own communities.

Have a look here to learn how Ecologic implements the 2030 sustainability goals of the United Nations on a day to day base.

Contact us ( now if you want to bring your team to visit and learn about how you can incorporate sustainability, circular economy and perma culture in your own project.

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