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The taste of Paksong: DIY: a Thai cooking course @EcologicThailand

The food, the food, the food. We hear it all the time!

Our food is: fresh, delicious, organic, homemade and home grown, vegan or vegatarian if you like, so jummy. Just to name a couple of terms guests use to subscribe our meals.

It will not surprise you to know that the cooking course that you can do at Eco-Logic Thailand is quite popular.

Because it is wonderful to make your own food with fresh produce. Even more great if you got the produce yourself from the gardens at Eco-Logic or explored a local market for produce.

Consider coming to Eco-Logic? Consider a cooking course!

Program cooking course

The cooking course exists of several parts:

1. Choosing the dishes you want to create during the course, together with our host

2. Collecting of herbs and vegetables for your dishes in our vegetable garden (if available)

3. Explanation of the ingredients

4. Cutting the ingredients

5. Into the kitchen and do the actual cooking

6. The most enjoyed one: eat your self-made dishes in our restaurant

Bring a camera to make great shots for your instagram or facebook page, bring a notebook and pen to write down all the steps needed to create a great Thai meal, so you can reproduce it back home again!

You can learn to cook 3 dishes during the course.

We advice to choose a 3 different options (example: a curry, a salad and a dessert) to make a real Thai meal with a good balance between the dishes. This way you can present a full Thai meal to your friends/ family when you come home. You only need to increase the amounts according to the amount of people you invite!

Thai cooking at home?

No time to come and visit us and do the cooking course yourself?

Too bad ;(, but we do have an E-book with recipes for you, with over 40 different recipes!

You can buy it for 200 Baht (ca. 5 euro or 6,5 Dollar). the money is donated 100% to the Thai Child Development foundation.

Two in one: the foundation is helped financially and you can make all those wonderful dishes yourself!

The book is for sale via our facebookpage (click here) or you can send us a message to p

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