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The taste of Paksong. Time for a recipe!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

by Eco-Logic | June 2019

Did you check Eco-Logic on TripAdvisor or look for any review of Eco-Logic lately??

We score pretty good, but the highest regards and praise is always, always on our food!

Which is not surprising, because we have the best chefs in Paksong running our kitchen, and we use only local and fresh organic products where possible.

And of course: Thai food is incredible!

Over the years we have been improving and adjusting our menu. Next to the standard Thai dishes as fried rice, Pad Thai, Tom Ka and curries, we also serve Western food. And we make our sauces, desserts by our selves and were possible a vegetarian or vegan version.

Most famous: our home made peanut butter!

So, here is the recipe!

You need: a blender, a bag of roasted peanuts (not salty!), some vegetable oil, some roasted chili paste or chili powder.

  • Grind all the peanuts.

  • Take out half of the peanuts.

  • Add some oil and a spoon of chilly paste (or chili powder) to your taste with the peanuts in the blender.

  • Blend.

  • Add some more oil if needed.

  • Scoop all into a jar.

  • Add the other half of the already grind peanuts.

  • Stir it in.

Your delicious crunchy Paksong peanut butter is ready!

And if you like to check what our guests and visitors say about our food, check it out here:

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