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Make a family holiday educational!

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

by Rosalie Tieges | July 2019

We get more and more messages from parents who want to take their children on a trip during which they also get to see a different side of life.

Without traumatising them with scary and sad stories about the poor and the less fortunate in the world they do want their children to realise that they were born with more fortune then many other children in this world.

These parents often choose to combine their family fun adventure with some volunteering at Eco-Logic Thailand. They spend a day in our forest school organising craft, sports or music activities, they work hand in hand with our students in the organic farm, and they take the time to make friends in the village and let it all sink in by travelling a bit slower then most.

We believe these children will grow up remembering the friends they made at Eco-Logic and TCDF, and we believe these children also might grow up with awareness and hope for a better world.

Organising your holiday

Our best advice on organising your holiday has to be : not plan too many places and choose those places where the kids have something to do: meaning more time to relax for you!

Did you know that at Eco-logic we organise MOST OF THAILAND'S DON’T MISS OUT ACTIVITIES?

Combined in a number of family friendly arrangements, like “Tarzan in the jungle” and “Fun @the farm! These adventurous and educational programs offer lots to do for the whole family: rain or shine…

There are several free activities everyday for your kids to join:

  • Every morning the kids can help the gardener pick the eggs and veggies on the farm

  • There a daily creative activity like making things from palm leaves or bamboo or playing a traditional Thai game: the To Do Table

  • There is jungle yoga for kids every afternoon (except on Wednesday)

And of course there is lots of time to join activities and day trips in the area, like:

  • Visit a Thai temple and feed the fish for good fortune

  • Hike to the waterfalls

  • Swim among the fish in the hot springs national parks

  • Roam around on deserted beaches of Laemson National Marine Park

  • Learn how to cook Thai or make Thai deserts

  • Go bamboo rafting and visit Uncle Cee's forest house for a homemade lunch.

  • Join the educational activities in the creative learning center every Saturday: yoga, meditation, English class, pony riding and lots of games.

  • Build a campfire or a river dam, right in front of your room

It is easy to get to us. If you are in Bangkok and want to go to the jungle of Paksong, why don't you hop on the night train/ bus/ 1 hour flight and join us? And afterwards you can visit on one of the islands on our East coast or West coast!

All great stops on a convenient travel route for kids. Add to that the fact that 100 % of the profit of your stay with Eco-Logic goes towards Thai underprivileged children and you have a don’t miss opportunity to open your child’s eyes to a whole new world!

More information on the family arrangement can be found on our website.

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