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Under Development!

by TCDF founder & director Rosalie Tieges

Our newsletter is named after the TCDF-Ecologic property: Mount Neverrest.

On our hill there's always something growing, working and developing. 365 days a year!

The last few months where especially all about growth and development:

We are developing our top hill into a food forest and are planting 5000 trees to provide in fruit, food and finance! In the article about circular economy you can read more about this amazing project!

We are developing our foundation’s structure.

After the hard times last year during which we hardly received enough funds to keep the Special School open we decided that that is never going to happen again and that we need to start with ourselves if we want to change!

We are actively working with ambassadors in Thailand to promote TCDF-Eco-Logic as a trustworthy charity for companies and individuals to visit and donate too

We have set up a fundraising action team in the Netherlands that is applying for donations from registered funds and charities.

We are restructuring the board in Thailand and applying for all kinds of membership of workgroups, trademarks and groups that are active in the grassroots communities in Thailand.

We are systemizing our daily productions with our team and working with intern students from Thai universities.

We are training and preparing 90 local women to become TCDF outreach worker and visit children in need in their homes without waiting lists.

We are getting professional training with creating and implementing our child safety policies.

We've applied and have been accepted! Into the international legal support program for charities: Trustlaw and getting all our paperwork, contracts and programs legalized.

And we are developing and systemizing our educational programs to expand our impact through our new platform the Academy (which I will tell you all about in the beginning of next year!)

And next to that we are of course always doing our core development work!

  • We are running the Special School for Special need Students

  • We are supporting underprivileged students with scholarships

  • We are offering environmental education, language yoga and mindfulness classes to local youth

  • We are supporting needy children with operations, medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy and other customized medical care.

Thanks to the support of all of you, our friends, sponsors and volunteers we are supporting underprivileged children in need with their development 365 days a year!

We never rest in our efforts to make a difference but that does not mean we do not see the importance in finding balance between helping others and helping yourself so you stay strong, efficient, motivated, happy and healthy!

And that's why we also always love to promote our yoga and mindfulness retreats in nature to as many people as we can. We warmly welcome everybody to come and re energize your body & soul during our weekly starting Yoga, Nature & Culture retreats. Of which all profits are of course circled back to charity again!

Keep developing!

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