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We financially adopted three of the children of TCDF.

And this is why we did that!

by the Davison family | July 2019

Nong Caffeh, financially supported by the Davison family
Nong Caffeh

For our family, once we became aware of the Thai Child Development Foundation, it seemed the perfect cause to make our small contribution to.

Being a family of four with young children resident in Thailand, obviously we want to contribute to this beautiful country that makes us happy and that we so enjoy and appreciate living in.

But there was also for us something more and very compelling about the Thai Child Development Foundation. We all know there are so many causes all worthy of support so the challenge becomes which do you choose to support.

Nong Sainam, supported financially by the Davison family
Nong Sainam

For us it was the opportunity to support a group of regionally based beautiful children who each face their own physical and mental challenges and who will directly and very tangibly benefit from any support we can provide.

We as a family support a number of other very worthy causes but it is not always easy to see the benefits of that support and the amount that ultimately is directly invested in the cause as distinct from administrative costs.

With the Thai Child Development Foundation, we know that whatever amount we can share will have a direct and tangible benefit and the cause is so very deserving.

Our opportunity to contribute has also been made very easy by Rosalie and her team who do a fantastic job and who we admire so much.

Rosalie and her team are the ones making the difference and I see our small contribution as supporting them to make that difference more effectively.

I encourage you wherever possible to support this worthy cause and take great pride in thinking about those smiles your contribution will bring out.

The Davison family, Thailand

FYI: for privacy reasons there is no picture of Nong Note with this blog

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