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by Ingrid van der Straaten, ambassador TCDF

Come and experience Christmas at Eco-Logic!

Living in a Buddhist country like Thailand, you might think that Christmas or New Year (Thai New Year is in April) is not a big thing. But that is not entirely true!

Thai people love celebrations and parties, so Christmas and the Western New Year has been adopted, not only in the ‘touristy’ areas, but all over Thailand you will see "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" banners everywhere. These will stay up until April in many places, to include the Chinese and Thai New Year as well. Pretty convenient!

At Eco-Logic we always pay special attention to Christmas and New Year to celebrate with our guests, our staff and their families. We make it special, not entirely like home but the sense of a celebration with family and good friends is certainly present. After all: Christmas is a very special time of the year for most of us. A time of contemplation, great food and spending time with good people. At Eco-Logic we also make it a small festival of light for all those attending.

So, what about the Christmas tree, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day @Eco-Logic?

The Christmas tree

That’s a difficult one in the tropics, but we will have some form of Christmas tree and of course we will have the Christmas decorations in our restaurant. This year we will make natural decorations with our staff, and our guests if they want to.

Christmas Eve:

The day before Christmas on Tuesday 24th of December we have the following program for staff, guests and visitors:

13:30 Decoration of the restaurant and tree for Christmas.

15:00 make a Chritmas kratong with Eco-Logic staff in the restaurant. A kratong is a small, beautiful decorated piece of banana tree, decorated with flowers, leaves and candles.  We will use the kratongs on Christmas Day and organize a special event at the riverside

Christmas Day:

Wednesday, December 25th, we will celebrate Christmas as a family event with all our staff, visitors and guests, and make it a festival of light and joy.

We will start in the afternoon:

15:00 Plant a tree for Christmas . Instead of cutting down a tree, we will plant trees.

18:00 Welcome in the restaurant to all guests and visitors. A welcome drink and snack awaits them. We will light the Christmas kratongs on the tables as a center piece

19:00 A special Christmas dinner of delicious Thai food and of course desserts will be served to our guests, Eco-Logic’s staff and families. We even have a special little Santa making all our guests happy with his presence and – of course – his gifts!

20:30 We will go down to the river and do a ceremony of light and joy with the Christmas kratongs. The kratongs will shine their light upon the water and take away all troubles, worries and things we do not like to have in our life. Let the lights shine!

21:00 Christmas party in the restaurant 

And you?

What are you doing with Christmas ? We hope you will take the opportunity to be with friends and loved ones and that the light will shine!

And if you are in the area, please feel invited to our celebration. Call us to make a reservation for Christmas!

From all of us at TCDF and Eco-Logic:
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