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World of water @ Eco-Logic!

The world of water?

But Eco-Logic is located in the middle of the rain forest!

In the jungle!

Correct, but the term rain forest already says it a bit....

It means, well... rain, but also beautiful misty mornings. Those misty morning...... it is the one things you will certainly remember from your stay with Eco-Logic, the sound of water over the pebbles in the river and the sight of the mist over the mountains!

Being located in one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand, Eco-Logic is surrounded by quite a lot of National Parks. Most of them are not well known to the big public, but we can take you there and show you the world of water in the jungle!

1. Ton Nam National Park

Hike from Eco-Logic to the Phota Hin Chang area or further on towards the Haew Lome waterfall for a dip and a swim in the middle of the rain forest!

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy leisure time in the middle of the jungle at this beautiful waterfall that has water the whole year through.

2. Laem Son National Park

Laem Son National Park is a marine park and is located at the Andaman Sea.

You can spent a wonderful day on a pristine beach. With no tourists (but you)!Take a lunch with you and picnic in the shadow of the trees alongside the beach.

Look out for dolphins (they have been spotted) and admire the beautiful birds that soar over the waters and beach (Brahmine Kites)

Or make the most amazing snorkeling trip to the islands in the national park.

Go with a colorfull longtailboat and visit Koh Muk, Koh Yipon and Koh Kam.

Walk on quiet beaches with the fines white sand ever, hoover over coral and colorful fishes, be amazed by the blue and greens of the water. Just enjoy the beauty of nature here!

3. Ngao National Park

Ranong area - and especially Ngao National Park - are famous for their hot springs. We will take you to PornRang hot springs in the middle of the rain forest. Take a bath in one of the many pools, swim in the river where the water can be warm or hot depending on the spot where the hot spring flows in the water. Have your feet nibbled by little fish that live in the river ;)

4. Phato area

And of course there is Phato, the area where Eco-Logic is located in the village of Paksong.

Phato is well known for the bamboo rafting trips that are organized on the Lang Suan river. Go with Loong See on a bamboo raft for a slow trip on the river in the middle of Paksong: natural and some small farming areas alongside the river. Have the most incredible local lunch at Loon See's house at the end of your trip. Nature and culture in one activity.

5. Paksong

Your accommodation at Eco-Logic is located on a river side. Depending on the season you are visiting, this can be quite a big and impressive river, or a lovely ankle deep creek in the dry season. The sound of the water over the pebbles, the voices of the kids playing in the water: it is all part of the world of water experience of Eco-Logic.

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