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Yoga, nature and culture day trip @ Eco-Logic Thailand. Discover the real Thailand!

One of the main aims of Eco-Logic Thailand is to let people experience Thailand as it is, the nature, the people, the culture, the food. The yoga, nature and culture day trip is an option to experience a multitude of Thailand 'at it's best' in one day.

You will visit famous hot springs, situated in the middle of a National Park. It is a beautiful place to spend the day, bathing in the river and in the warm-water basins.

And next you will go to one of the most beautiful temples in the area. Wander on the temple grounds, feed the (enormous) fish for good luck, climb the stairs and hit the bells for good karma. And enjoy one of the most astonishing views you will ever have: the temple grounds below, the Andaman sea and the mangrove coast in front of you and the majestic green mountains and hills with their waterfalls behind you.

Do a yoga and meditation sessions there while the sun is setting in the Andaman sea and the monks start chanting. We cannot make it any more Thai than this!

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