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Welcome all writers, sculptures, actors, singers, photographers, painters, musicians and all other artists!

Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity is an inspiring place and we would like to share this! That is why we warmly welcome artist from all over the world to come and join at our riverside resort in Paksong, in the beautiful area close to the city of Ranong,Thailand!

This yearly program is available for a period of 4 week during the month of September.



  • A beautiful place to live and work for 4 weeks (a private riverside guestroom).
  • Three great meals per day
  • Awake in nature
  • Inspiration caused by the beauty all around you
  • Surrounded by goodhearted and inspirational people
  • Getting off the beaten track feeds creativity
  • A reference letter (on request)
  • Experience on your resume
  • Profiling & networking opportunity
  • Possibilitie to share your skills and art with our students and local kids



  • Bring all material and tools you might need
  • Not to create work that causes damage to the local environment (nature & culture)
  • Respect local community by behaving and dressing appropriate.
  • Absolutely no drugs and drunkenness allowed, nor inappropriate behavior on the premises or in the area.
  • Respect all people not depending on gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political conviction, age or other personal aspects.



You can decide daily if you would like to work on your art,  explore the area, chill out or join an activity such as yoga, meditation, massage, hiking, Thai cooking course, river rafting or day trips. All activities can be booked when you feel like it. The costs will be added to your weekly bill.



Please check via email if the accommodation of your choice is available for 4 weeks first before you book this program!

The accommodation price is discounted for you for this arrangement.



    • Bracelet ceremony​,
    • welcome,
    • tour on the premises


    Optional: yoga, wellness, outdoor- and indooractivities

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