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What is the weather like @Ecologicthailand?

Map Eco-Logic Thailand Paksong

Eco-Logic is located in the middle of the Southern Thai peninsula, right in between the Andaman Sea on the West Coast and the Golf of Thailand on the East Coast. This area is therefor under the influence of southwest and northeast winds.


As a result, there are only 2 seasons in this part of Thailand:

  • Summer season - or dry season - starts from  November to June. With the highest temperatures in April.

  • Rainy season starts from June to November. It is the time when the southwest wind from the Andaman Sea turns to be highly-humid. Rainy season does not mean rain all day long though, it means showers and cooler temperatures (around 25 degrees Celsius). Most rain falls during the 'Monsoon - period', which is starting in September.

The best time to visit Ban Pak Song in Thailand is from end November until end of May. However at Eco-Logic Thailand you join plenty of indoor activity's on rainy days too!

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