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"Adopt a Bungalow" social impact investment program

If - as a world citizen and nature lover - you want to make a difference, provided you are just given the opportunity to do so in a sustainable and meaningful way, search no further!

This can be your new holiday destination, one chosen with social awareness, where you invest in your own well-being while helping others in need.

Eco-logic is a family-friendly nature & yoga retreat that operates with a difference: all profits go towards the development of local children with disabilities through our Thai Child Development Foundation. 

Since its start in 2004, Eco-Logic has been welcoming guests from all over the world. Year after year we have been making a difference to the lives of hundreds children and families in need for over a decade.


To enable us to continue growing our community support, we are looking to upgrade and expand our operations.

Adopting a bungalow means that you invest the money in advance in order for us to upgrade the venue. 

Program participants can invest an chosen amount of money (see overview below) in return for a stay in your "adopted" bungalow over a period of 5 years. The length of the stay is depending on the amount invested and the accommodation of your choice.

Participants can use their stay in their bungalow by themselves, request customized gift vouchers for friends/family or even rent out the bungalow to third party's (with agreements)

If having your own holiday retreat in nature for the next few years sounds good to you, have a look at the overview of possible investments and accommodation and contact as to talk about the options!

We love to welcome you!

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