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Lots to do!

Eco-Logic Thailand is surrounded by an unique natural environment from jungle to the sea!

Waterfalls, hot spring national parks, mangrove forests, secluded beaches and uninhabited islands in national marine parks are just a day trip away. There are also daily yoga classes for all levels and there are many free activities to join every day! 

At Eco-Logic Thailand all day trips and activities are organized in cooperation with the local community. Besides creating a secondary income for farmers ecotourism can help preserve the local environment (both nature as well as traditional culture!) through preservation initiatives.

Scroll down to have a look at the many different things you can do during your stay!

Activities at Eco-Logic

Day trip to a Pristine Beach

A one hour drive from Eco-Logic is a beautiful 5 km beach, located in the National Park on the Andaman Sea. Relax, take a walk along the shore, admire the thousands of shells, play in the waves and have a sunset dinner! Shallow waters make it perfect for kids.

Plant a Tree

You can plant a tree on our premises and make your own contribution to nature. Depending on the season, plant a fruit and/or indigenous tree. A great activity for families, come back in the future to see it's progress!

Activities with Local Kids

On Saturdays TCDF organizes activities for kids and guests from 9.00-15.30. Participate in yoga, games, songs, English lesson, art lessons, music, farm work and more. Parents can assist our staff by sharing a skill in English teaching, art or music.

Edible Forest Tour

Guided by our staff, you will explore the food forest and farms and learn where a lot of our local food comes from. Discover edible flowers! Did you know you can eat the inside of a banana tree?

Great for kids!

Swim in the River

A small river is located in front of your accommodation.

Depending on the season (dry or rainy), the water can be knee high and easy to play in, or deeper and more challenging.

Gardening Jungle Style!

Get your hands dirty! Gardening is said to be one of the most meditative activities you can do. If you like, you can join or gardener in the mornings and help out with weeding, planting, harvesting.

Dare to Dream Workshop

In this hands on, practical and fun workshop you will learn how to realize your dreams,

how you can involve others in realizing your dreams, and how to take action on it.

Fun at the Farm

Every Friday you can join the students of the Special School of the Thai Child Development Foundation at their farm as part of their occupational training 

Hot Springs & Temple daytrip

Visit famous hot springs, situated in the middle of a National Park. It is a beautiful place to spend the day, bathing in the river and in the warm-water basins.

Hike in the Area

You can do a number of easy hikes in the area of Paksong. Haew Lome waterfall has water all year round. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this area.

Visit a Local Market

Thai fresh-markets are really nice a must to visit. Not only to buy fresh produce and other food, but also to experience some of Thailand’s hospitality and the famous Thai smile. Try those wonderful snacks and treats that they sell freshly made.

Visit DinDang Project

On-site you can visit the DinDang natural building and living project: beautifully decorated huts and self sustainable living and building.

You can even stay in one of these beautiful buildings!

3 Island

Snorkel Trip

Embark on an traditional long tail boat for a beautiful trip on the Andaman Sea. You can swim in crystal clear water, walk on white sandy beaches and see the amazing underwater sea life.

River Rafting

River rafting is a very popular activity all over Thailand, the Paksong area is well known for this. A raft was the only way of transport in the past. Nowadays rafts are no longer made from bamboo, but pvc.

Visit a Local Event

We are very much a part of the local community, receiving invitations to events in schools, temples and private houses. We often invite our guests to join us at a wedding, school party, funeral, sports day or a Buddhist event in the temple.


SomTam Salad

Som Tam, or Papaya salad, must be one of Thailand's most famous dishes. Once a week you can make your own Somtam at the Food Forest Kitchen. Our chef will do a workshop during lunch time, and you decide how spicy it will be!

'To Do' Table

A session for kids with a Thai staff member. Thai games, creative and recycle projects are offered. Make your own banana leaf fish mobile, learn a great magic trick, play Thai games and more.

Visit TCDF's Special School

The Thai Child Development Foundation's school is located on-site. You can visit the school where you join and work together with our students.

Yoga for Kids

During the weekdays kids can participate in a half hour yoga session for free. For kids only!

Our certified yoga instructor will introduce basic and fun Jungle Yoga.

Muay Thai

In Paksong village is a small, simple Muay Thai boxing school. The teacher Kroo Noi was a professional Thai boxing champion and he teaches local kids the art of Muay Thai.

Kids Playroom

In the restaurant area is a room especially for kids. A room with games, toys and books. Kids can play as long as they like and whenever they like.

Natural Mandala 

In the restaurant area is a room especially for kids. A room with games, toys and books. Kids can play as long as they like and whenever they like.

Thai Cooking Class

At the Thai cooking class the chef will teach and show you how to use typical Thai ingredients and turn them into a great meal.


You can join in our drop-in group yoga sessions, every morning at sunrise and in the late afternoon. The yoga sessions are given by a certified yoga instructor.

Thai language workshop

While traveling in Thailand you may have cultural encounters that you want to have explained. Or you like to be able to speak a bit of Thai to say hello to all those friendly people you meet along the way. At Eco-Logic you can participate in a Thai language and culture workshop.

Coffee roasting demo

At the Food Forest Kitchen we  serve home grown and hand roasted organic coffee.

You can join a demonstration on how this coffee is produced and roasted.


Weekly evening meditation for free. You can also participate is the meditation specials, like natural mandala meditation, full moon meditation and candle light meditation.


Re-treat yourself to a traditional Thai massage, a full body oil massage, body scrub or a Thai foot massage (foot reflexology) during your stay.


You can choose any activity when you stay with us and just go with the flow.

For those who want to organise their holiday ahead, we have tailored special family-, yoga-, nature and culture packages*.


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