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Internships / Voluntourism @ the Thai Child Development Foundation and Eco-Logic Thailand

The Thai Child Development Foundation offers a number of programs for those of you who want to experience rural Thailand to the fullest and help the Foundation to become self sustainable.
The whole year you can join as a voluntourist and help us in the gardens and the farm of the Foundation. In the months of June, July and August we organize a tree planting and maintenance program on the farm and at the food forest of the Foundation. Yoga teachers can apply for a workexperience/internship position over the year. And for the creative people amongst you we have the option to join the Artist in Residence program in the month of September.

 For volunteering in the garden (whole year) and the food forest  (June, July, August) you can check our booking system and make a reservation. Make sure you choose 7 nights and choose a Monday as your arrival day. Then click on the tab of your choice (Volunteer Food Forest or Volunteer Gardening).

week packages

PLEASE NOTE: We are an under-crowded  nature retreat, and there are only 3 riverside bungalows available! Please make sure you book the accommodation  first before making other plans.

1 Week packages - all in - from Sunday to Sunday

Choose one of the 5 day packages after you made your accommodation booking. 

All activities, and meals are included in these packages. Prices are per person.

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