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Welcome all people who want to learn with our staff and students on how to take care of our food forest during the months of June - July  and August every year!!


The Thai Child Development Foundation started an ecological farm, garden and food forest to become self sustainable. During the lockdown in the Covid period the food forest was created on top of the 'mountain' in Paksong. Thousands of fruit trees were planted during the months June, July and August: guava trees, Pak Liang, coffee, banana, coconut, pineapple, black pepper and more.

Every year in the rainy season the planting and maintenance of the food forest starts again.

The Foundation can use your help with this!

Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity is set up especially to support the Foundation and they offer a free stay in one of the dormitories if you decide to come and join. The restaurant of Eco-Logic offers you 3 healthy meals (indeed from farm to table!) per day, unlimited herbal tea, filtered drinking water for 600 Thai Baht per day.
This program is available the whole year round for a period of  minimum 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks. The program starts on Monday



  • A beautiful place to live and work for 1 week or longer (you stay in our comfortable dormitory).
  • Three great meals per day
  • Unlimited herbal tea and filtered drinking water
  • Be in nature
  • Work together with our staff and the students of the Thai Child Development Foundation 
  • Experience organic gardening and permaculture way of farming
  • A reference letter (on request)
  • Experience on your resume
  • Profiling & networking opportunity
  • Possibilitie to share your skills with our students and local kids



  • Bring working clothes and shoes
  • Not to cause damage tothe local environment (nature & culture)
  • Respect the  local community by behaving and dressing appropriate.
  • Absolutely no drugs and drunkenness allowed, nor inappropriate behavior on the premises or in the area.
  • Respect all people not depending on gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political conviction, age or other personal aspects.



You can decide daily if you would like to explore the area, chill out or join an activities such as yoga, meditation, massage, hiking, Thai cooking course, river rafting or day trips. All activities can be booked with our hosts. The costs will be added to your weekly bill.



Please email us via when you would like to join the program.

We can then send you the information and the link to make the booking.



    • Bracelet ceremony​,
    • Tour on the premises
    • Saturday activities with local children and students of TCDF


    Possible activities (not included, can be booked upon arrival)

    • a hike in the area 

    • traditional Thai massage

    • yoga and meditation sessions

    • Thai cooking course

    • Day trips to the beach and/or temple and hot spring

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