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The Food Forest Kitchen: our Slow Food Restaurant

The Food Forest Kitchen serves you with farm to fork meals straight from the surrounding food forest farm of the Thai Child Development Foundation!  To be able to serve you with organic, seasonal food, avoid food wastes AND for guests to actually connect -the cooks serve amazing daily "Eat & Great" meals at a big screen free table. However there are also private tables with stunning jungle views and a la carte Thai and western menu to enjoy! And our friendly team of local people is always happy to cater to special wishes!

Our “slow food”, is made with love!

Thai & western meals,

from Farm to Fork!

The restaurant has a zero food waste policy and offers ‘Meet and Greet’ meals, where guests can enjoy the chef’s choice of 3 delicious Thai dishes for lunch or dinner. Enjoy your meal with a view at the 'screen free' table, to connect with others or choose one of our solo tables to enjoy your meal with a view!

Picnics to go, riverside BBQ sets and special meals can be ordered too!

Times for the 'Meet and  Greet' meals are set at 12.30 and 19.00 o’clock.

The a la carte menu gives you a choice of Western and Thai meals and is open from 08.00 to 20.00.


Slow food, is healthy food, with a low carbon footprint and made with...... love!


Do you have special dietary wishes? Do you prefer vegan, vegetarian? No problem! We serve it all! 

But actually our restaurant is proud to be able to introduce our healthy slow food vegetarian and vegan options to you!

 ​Why? Because a vegetarian’s food print is about two thirds of the average and almost half that of a meat lover! For Vegan food the food print it is even lower. 


But perhaps most interestingly for many of our guests: eating chicken instead of beef cuts a quarter of emissions in one simple step. 


More then just food:

Foraging walks, fun @ farm activity's & cooking courses!


The Food Forest Kitchen is located on top of a hill overlooking the rain forest and river. Enjoy the view while dining or chilling in the open air restaurant, take a stroll into the gardens and farms!

Interested visitors are more then welcome to help in the food forest farm, pick your own veggies and eggs, join a cooking course or learn how to make Thai desserts!

And of course we have a special menu for kids.

and the restaurant has a play room for children.

The restaurants has work office tables and free wifi but also boasts a screen free table to connect with others.

Help yourself to free drinking water and herbal teas all day! 

The restaurant is the center of Eco-Logic Thailand!

The Food Forest Kitchen on Instagram

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