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Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Eco-Logic gardening

“Eco tourism is tourism that respects the local environment. ...

and eco-tourism is tourism that damages the local environment (nature & culture) as little as possible.”

At Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity we do our best to aim for a positive effect.

Together with local authorities and local people - Eco-Logic organizes small scale eco-tourism in Southern Thailand (in the village of PakSong, Phato District).

We are absolutely not fanatical, but with all actions, activities, projects and decisions Eco-Logic tries to choose the option that damages the local environment as little as possible. 

 In addition, Eco-Logic runs several projects that generate a positive effect on the environment. 

Home grown veggies

For those who are interested, we are more than happy to inform you about all our projects. Or even better, take you on a personal tour of our green initiatives on our premises in Paksong:

  • Organic Farm (vegetables, herbs, fruit, mushrooms, fish and chicken farm)

  • Solar Aquaponics Fish and Vegetable Farm 

  • Natural Clay Building Project

  • Water Filter Systems

  • Natural Bio-Gas System 

  • ‘Say No to Plastic Bags' Project

  • Recycle Bank project for local kids

  • Environmental Educational Projects 

  • Thai Culture and Language Courses

  • Electricity via Solarpanels in our restaurant

Come and help out in our veggie gardens

Eco-Logic respects the local environment by:

  • Creating financial benefits for locals by preserving and enjoying nature 

  • Hiring only local paid staff

  • Paying fair salaries and providing insurance

  • Stimulating maintenance of local lifestyle and skills 

  • Promoting education on nature preservation and organic farming  

  • Using local and seasonal products in our kitchen where possible

  • Starting a community garden in 2018

  • Sharing all knowledge and skills with guests, visitors and local people

  • Organizing meetings and workshops on self sustainability in Paksong

Let us know if you want to have more information, participate in our projects or support us with knowledge and/or skills.

Management and staff of Ecologic Thailand Team

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