by Ingrid van der Straaten, ambassador TCDF

Since June 2019 TCDF has started a new initiative, called The Next Generation, a program for local girls. At the moment five young ladies are participating in this program.

Meet the Next Generation: enny, Raatri, Dau, Oum and Duan
The Next Generation: Jenny, Raatri, Dau, Oum and Duan

The participants in the Next Generation come together every Saturday with Rosalie Tieges, founder of TCDF. They are trained in skills and experiences to improve their:

  • Self-awareness

  • Attitude

  • Social skills

  • Communication

  • Know and discover your own qualities

  • In addition they learn: Presentation - Discussion - Assertiveness - Financial independence - Computer techniques on marketing and calculating

Aim of the program is to become strong and independent young women.

Since the start of the program, TCDF now supports 3 groups that is setting up and running a small business (with a micro-credit from TCDF).

The businesses they started are :

Printing T-shirts

Dau and Oum are responsible for the t-shirt printing.

Products made are:

  • T-shirt for staff TCDF and Eco-Logic,

  • T-shirts for sale in Eco-Logic shop.

Dau and Oum design the T-shirts by themselves.

T-shirts can be ordered too!

A bakery

Duan and Jenny are responsible for the bakery and they already get their orders from Eco-Logic's restaurant!

Products made are:

  • vegan chocolate cakes,

  • pumpkin pie tarts,

  • and chocolate pudding.