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by Ingrid van der Straaten, ambassador TCDF

Since June 2019 TCDF has started a new initiative, called The Next Generation, a program for local girls. At the moment five young ladies are participating in this program.

Meet the Next Generation: enny, Raatri, Dau, Oum and Duan
The Next Generation: Jenny, Raatri, Dau, Oum and Duan

The participants in the Next Generation come together every Saturday with Rosalie Tieges, founder of TCDF. They are trained in skills and experiences to improve their:

  • Self-awareness

  • Attitude

  • Social skills

  • Communication

  • Know and discover your own qualities

  • In addition they learn: Presentation - Discussion - Assertiveness - Financial independence - Computer techniques on marketing and calculating

Aim of the program is to become strong and independent young women.

Since the start of the program, TCDF now supports 3 groups that is setting up and running a small business (with a micro-credit from TCDF).

The businesses they started are :

Printing T-shirts

Dau and Oum are responsible for the t-shirt printing.

Products made are:

  • T-shirt for staff TCDF and Eco-Logic,

  • T-shirts for sale in Eco-Logic shop.

Dau and Oum design the T-shirts by themselves.

T-shirts can be ordered too!

A bakery

Duan and Jenny are responsible for the bakery and they already get their orders from Eco-Logic's restaurant!

Products made are:

  • vegan chocolate cakes,

  • pumpkin pie tarts,

  • and chocolate pudding.

All products are sold to guests and visitors of Eco-Logic and TCDF.

Creative recycling

Raatri is responsible for the creative recyclimg program for the Next Generation.

Products made are:

decorative plant hangers from recycled material.

The plant hangers are sold at the TCDF nursery.

Promotion & marketing

All teams take care of promotion and marketing of their products!

We are extremely proud of the girls and the results so far!

Make sure when you visit TCDF – Eco-Logic to have a look at our shop, our nursery and of course have a delicious product from the bakery at our restaurant!

P.S. The bakery team decided to share their delicious Xmas chocolate pudding recipe with you!

Click here to go to the recipe and have a bit of the taste of Paksong at your home for Xmas.

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