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Meet the locals: Loong Cee

Join Eco Logic for a serene river rafting experience down one of the most beautiful slow flowing rivers in Thailand and see a completely different side of the area of Paksong!

Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity, works closely together with local people to organize activities and experiences in the area.

Meet Loong Cee, the owner of Kasorn Tours, Bahn Thor Thaang. Loong (uncle) Cee is in his 70's and his company is a river rafting company.

Loong Cee, owner of the river rafting company
Loong Cee, owner of the river rafting company

From early days on bamboorafs where used to transport goods and people from the villages to the cities in Phato area. This changed when the 4006 road was build and transport is now done via the road. Bamboo rafts are now used for leisure and pleasure.

Bamboo is not used often anymore to make the rafts. There is simply not enough bamboo. Many of the rafts are made of pvc. It is more durable then bamboo, they can be reused many, many times and are easier to transport. No more bamboo unfortunately, but the experience stays the same!

So, when visiting Paksong, you can have the opportunity to release your inner adventurer and take a traditional river rafting journey through the jungle!

The rafting trip follows the meandering Pak Song River through some of the most pristine, untouched jungle area's and passes small riverside villages , where you can join in the fun of paddling, relax on board the raft, and indulge in some serious wildlife spotting.

A traditional bamboo raft
A traditional bamboo raft

Loong Cee's rafts are all made using traditional Thai methods, and there is no better way of travelling than on a silently gliding raft. You can choose to either spend your time simply resting on board your raft and watch the world go by, or, for those with a bit of a sense of adventure, dive into the clean waters of the river and swim alongside the raft. Or try steering the raft your self!

Steer the raft yoursefl?!
Steer the raft yoursefl?!

Along the way, you will make some stops at various scenic locations, including some of the river’s pretty little beaches, which are only accessible by boat, and at the end of your trip Loong Cee and his wife will serve you a lovely Thai lunch.

A wonderful Thai lunch @ Loong Cee's house.
A wonderful Thai lunch @ Loong Cee's house.

Loong Cee provides life vests for his customers and if the river is too wild (rainy season) he will not take any risks and cancels the activity.

If you are planning on coming to stay with Eco-Logic ask our staff about this great activity, they can tell you all about it and organize it for you.

Eco-Logic: choose Local!
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