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TCDF Eco-Logic's Academy

by Rosalie Tieges - Founder TCDF

Expand your impact! Join the Academy, a new program that you can help develop!

What I would love to share with you, last but not least, is that we have started developing the Academy: an amazing new program in which all projects & programs of both TCDF and Eco-Logic will come together: we are going full circle!

The Academy is a result of the questions we asked ourselves:

  • How can we expand our impact?

  • How might we make sure all we have learned and gained over the past 15 years is benefiting underprivileged children in rural Thailand?

  • How might we best put to use all the skills and knowledge all those fantastic people in our international network carry with them and would not mind to share?

The Academy already of course has a forest school in Thailand on our own Mount Neverrest where special need education, occupational training programs, teach the teacher training, school camps, environmental education programs, yoga teacher training and all kinds of nature retreats are being hosted all year round.

In the near future the Academy will be expanded with an online platform and marketplace for all of you who want to make a difference and share your skills and knowledge!

The Academy will be developed starting in 2020, and in this development phase I would love to invite all of you who want to join and be a part of the development of this program to contact me and... talk! .

We are looking for:

  • Parents who have simple tips and tricks that they feel every parent should know!

  • Teachers of special needs students who have simple lessons plans on several subjects that they would love to share with teachers in rural communities.

  • Schools and companies that are keen to make a difference by supporting one of the many educational programs.

  • Online volunteers who can make short easy understandable tutorial videos for parents and educators of special needs children in rural areas.

  • Ambassadors who understand the uniqueness of this free and easy accessible ask and offer support platform who can help with promoting this internationally in order to collect as much input- and support -as we can!

  • We are expanding our impact with the academy.

  • You are invited to share what you know and expand your impact too!

Contact us via email:

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